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Precision Tool & Die Making | 5 Axis CNC Machining

  • Design and manufacture
  • Modify existing tooling
  • Component manufacture

Custom Moulds

With sophisticated CAD/CAM software EG Whiter can turn your design concept in to reality, either from your design or ours according to your specifications. We take the time to understand the requirements of your product, and customise a solution for you in order to create a high-quality, sophisticated and accurate finished product.

Our modern machinery has varying capabilities, meaning we can create a product of any size up to 5 tonne for a range of industries.


Plastic Injection Moulds
Manufacturing highly complex plastic injection moulds from billet steel for automotive and domestic products requires precision engineering at its best. Modern machinery with large capacity and varying capabilities is essential - at the heart of our shop floor are six Mazak machining centres and a DMG Mori 5-axis with cutting edge technology and functionality. These centres enable the blocks of steel, which are cut to size on the premises, to be machined to fine tolerances and to a high degree of accuracy.

We can provide services from concept to completion - we have the capacity to handle a wide variety of work, from simple mould-sets to complex finished injection moulds. We manufacture high precision tooling for a diverse range of products, from high speed thin wall packaging injection moulds for food containers, domestic household electronic appliances, automotive wheel trims and personal electronic  device equipment.


Standard Mould Sets
In addition to custom made tooling, EG Whiter manufactures standard mould sets. These mould sets have established new standards of excellence and are used throughout New Zealand and Australia. We also supply die sets with insert pockets machined and waterways drilled, by our gun drilling machine, up to one metre deep from one direction.


Press Tools


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